Foils have always been a speciality of ours. We have been making them for over 15 years with numerous successes in a host of different classes. The vast majority of our foils are made in CNC cut moulds with CNC cut foam cores ensuring absolute accuracy. Other foils are custom made either using lightweight timbers or foam which is CNC cut and then have the laminate vacuumed to the outer surface. Generally we are using pre impregnated fibres which are cured at 95 degrees.
Whether its a centerboard for a Merlin Rocket or a super cavitating foil for a sailing speed record attempt all of our foils are treated to the special attention they require. We have been on the forefront of lift foil technology for many years and work closely with a designer to continually update and improve performance. We hold moulds for a lot of dinghy classes but also build foils for yachts. We are the sole builders of 'Turbocle' rudders a new technology we were quick to embrace.
If you need a Centreboard, Daggerboard or Rudder please call or email for pricing information.
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